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Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all of your electric motor needs, even on the road.

With a complete range of services, our team will work diligently to get your systems back up and running
as soon as possible with minimal downtime, where you are. 

Preventative maintenance of pumps and motors at a job site


  • Field Rewinds
  • Armature Rewinds
  • On-Site Cleaning
  • On-Site Brush Replacement
  • On-Site Commutator Repair
  • On-Site Testing
  • Removal/Installation of Motors, Generators, etc.
  • Bearing Replacements & Inspections
  • Bearing Lubrication
  • Laser Alignments
  • On-Site Machining
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Restacks

Don't see it here? Call us. We probably do it.

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