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Welcome to Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc.

With over 340 combined years of experience and 60 years in the industry, Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc. is proud to serve the greater New England area. Founded in 1964, Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc. has been a staple in the electric motor repair business, servicing customers throughout the northeast for all electric motor needs. With our expansion in 2008, Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc. has scaled beyond the scope of electric motor repair into large-scale hydro generator repairs, amongst other industrial repair services.


  • Two 15-ton overhead cranes with 26' under hook
  • Two 5-ton overhead cranes with 16' under hook
  • Three 1/2-ton jib cranes at mechanic work stations
  • 1-ton steel portable gantry
  • 2-ton aluminum portable gantry
  • 6'x6' Steelman bake oven with temperature chart recorder
  • 10'x10' Steelman bake oven with temperature chart recorder
  • 6' Epoxylite vacuum pressure impregnation system with Ranbar 2002 Class H epoxy resin
  • 6'x8'x6' resin dip tank with Sterling EB920 Class H epoxy varnish
  • 4'x6'x4' automatic resin dip tank with Sterling EB920 Class H epoxy varnish
  • Three Schenck balancing machines capable of handling rotors up to 17,000lb
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Freightliner SD122 with 54,000lb load capacity
  • Mitsubishi flatbed with 10,000lb load capacity
  • Ford F250 service truck
  • Three Dodge 1500 service trucks
  • SKF belted laser alignment tool
  • SKF direct coupled laser alignment tool
  • SKF thermal imaging camera
  • DigivibeMX two channel vibration analyzer
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stator rewind ct
  • COMING OCTOBER 2023: 15 KVA Megger Standard ADX with surge and insulation resistance, low resistance, inductance and capacitance, armature and partial discharge tests
  • Two 1-ton overhead cranes
  • ​6'x6' Steelman burn off oven with temperature chart recorder
  • Phenix CL125A core loss testing machine
  • ​500 KVA AC/DC Hipotronics test panel rated for up to 4,160 VAC/500 VDC with resistor bank for load testing motor/generators
  • 1,250 KVA AC/DC test panel rated for up to 7,200 VAC/500 VDC
  • Two WM4000 coil winding machines
  • Ace coil winding machine
  • Two SKF/Baker D12R hipot/surge testers
  • SKF/Baker PP30 Power Pak for use with the SKF/Baker D12R
  • Phenix DC hipot tester
  • Two Amprobe AMB-110 10,000V insulation diagnostic testers
  • ​Electron winding analyzer
  • Three Amprobe AMB-45 insulation testers


  • Five horizontal lathes with up to 52" swing and 13' bed
  • Two Bridgeport vertical machines
  • Welder on staff experienced with MIG and TIG welds
  • Metallizing of steel, nickel, and bronze
  • Babbitting of bearings
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Meet the Leppert-Nutmeg Team

Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc. Then and Now

Electric motor repair at Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc. began in 1964, when the company was established by Charles H. Leppert. In those early days, our building stood alone in a forgotten part of the Connecticut countryside. Nevertheless, our company flourished in the soon-to-be burgeoning industrial sector of Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Leppert-Nutmeg has since long-established itself as one of the most technologically advanced repair stations and enhanced its reputation as a company, remaining at the forefront of its customers’ technological and service-oriented needs throughout the history of the company.

Today, our company is more committed than ever to providing customers with the best possible service for the lowest possible price.

While Leppert-Nutmeg may have started in a countryside field, our reach has expanded far beyond central Connecticut and Hartford; our blend of technological advances with sound fundamentals makes Leppert-Nutmeg one of the most trusted names in electric motor and generator services throughout the Greater New England area.
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