On-site Electric Motor Testing & Repair

As a critical element of most systems, industrial electric motors cannot always easily be packed up and shipped for testing, maintenance and repair.   When transporting a motor is economically or physically prohibitive, Leppert-Nutmeg’s dedicated on-site electric motor testing and repair service is here to step in.

Onsite Field Electric Motor Testing & Repair

On-site electric motor maintenance and repair

Like our in-house electric motor maintenance services, Leppert-Nutmeg’s on-site maintenance services focus on preventative and predictive electric motor maintenance. Whether your motor is powering a paper mill, textile plant, steel rolling system or other type of industrial or commercial facility, Leppert-Nutmeg can perform an array of motor maintenance and repair services, including: 
  • DC motor cleaning, brush inspection and replacement
  • HVAC sheave inspection and replacement
  • HVAC belt replacement 
  • On-site balancing
  • Laser alignment
  • Thermal Imaging
  • On –site machining

On-site electric motor testing

By inspecting a system in its natural working environment, our technicians can measure output and more accurately analyze an electric motor in the context of its entire system. Our advanced diagnostic tools can help identify an array of motor problems, like: insulation failures, overheating motors and bearings, faulty cable runs, bad MCCs, switchgear problems and associated issues. Leppert-Nutmeg’s on-site electric motor testing includes:
 Predictive Motor Maintenance
  • Stator Testing:  
    • Resistance/Megger
    • Polarization Index (PI) testing
    • High potential (Hi-Pot) testing
    • Current leakage analysis
    • DC absorption testing
    • Core loss testing
  • Vibration monitoring and SKF analysis
  • Infra-red thermal imaging
  • Core Loss Testing
  • Insulation Testing
Leppert-Nutmeg’s technicians arrive on-site with a battery of testing equipment. In addition to traditional tools like ammeters, voltmeters and ohmmeters, below is a sampling of the diagnostic tools used by Leppert-Nutmeg: 

Predictive Maintenance - Vibration Analysis
  • Baker D12R surge/Hipot/Resistance Tester with the PP30 Power pack
  • Phenix Model 460-5 DC Dielectric Tester
  • Phenix CL125 Automatic Core Loss Tester
  • Amprobe AMB 5KV-D 5000V Insulation Tester
  • Infrared Thermal Imager
  • SKF Vibration Monitor