Mechanical Repair

Pump repairs, dynamic balancing, blowers & shafts

Electric motors aren’t isolated pieces of equipment, so why would we fix only a part of the system? With over 45 years of mechanical repair experience, Leppert-Nutmeg has one of the most experienced teams in dynamic balancing, pump repairs, HVAC and electric motor shaft repairs, blowers and equipment repairs across the spectrum. 
Unlike some electric motor repair shops, we have the experience and training to restore the whole package back to new. Leppert-Nutmeg handles blower, gearbox and pump repairs for motor systems of all types. If your equipment is older or based on a custom design, our team can reverse engineer and manufacture/remanufacture parts to OEM standards, saving valuable time compared to ordering a new custom part. 
Mechanical Motor Repair

Leppert-Nutmeg:  More than motor overhauls

Leppert-Nutmeg centralizes repair projects and works with you to develop options to tackle even the most complicated problems. Our machine shop, welders and balancing specialists work together to get your equipment back to your shop and online as quickly as possible. 

Mechanical Repair Services

  • Laser alignment
  • Dynamically balance pump impellers or blowers
  • UL certification of rebuilt Explosion Proof Motors
  • Babbitted bearing repairs
  • Seal and pack pumps
  • Pressure testing
  • HVAC and electric motor shaft repair
  • Machining services to 0.0005” tolerance for: shafts, housings, sleeves, endbells, laybryinths and other parts and components
  • Space heater, RTD and thermocouple replacements
  • Overload installations

Manufacturing and Fabrication Services

  • Electric motor shaft manufacturing and remanufacturing
  • Industrial HVAC shaft manufacturing and remanufacturing
  • Remanufacturing parts to OEM standards

On-site mechanical repair services

  • Pedestal bearings and sheaves repair
  • Belts and shaft journals repair