Electric Motor Repair

AC & DC motor repair, overhauls & motor rewinding for New England & beyond

Electric motor repair has always been at the core of Leppert-Nutmeg. Over the years, we’ve consistently invested in the tools and training to make Leppert-Nutmeg the region’s leader in DC and AC motor repair, motor rewind, vibration monitoring, electric motor testing and analysis.   Our EASA certification ensures that any motor manufacturer will honor your warranty when you bring your motor to us for repairs. 
Whether it’s motor rewinding or basic balancing and alignment, our technicians work to find the best, most economical solution for your motor repair needs.  To keep turnaround times to a minimum, our stock room is full of key repair parts and we have arrangements for same day and overnight delivery of special parts for everything from stator rewind to bearing repair. If our team finds that repairs are more costly than investing in a new motor, the Leppert-Nutmeg staff can help you select a new motor from our new electric motors sales department. 
Knowing your equipment’s repair history helps our technicians to pinpoint issues and facilitates a quicker repair process.  That's why when it comes to repairs and electric motor maintenance, creating Motor Repair Reports is essential. Leppert-Nutmeg Repair Reports are standard on all large or critical motor repairs and provided for smaller motors upon request.  
Electric Motor Repair 

More than the average motor repair shop

Whether your electric motor is losing power, smoking, drawing high current or experiencing other problematic behaviors, Leppert-Nutmeg has the equipment to handle even the largest jobs. With an in-house VPI system, 10x10 bake oven, large balancing machine, two coil winding machines and multiple overhead cranes with up to 30 ton capacity, Leppert-Nutmeg can repair motors that other electric motor repair shops simply can’t handle.
In addition to our basic electric motor service capabilities, Leppert-Nutmeg also specializes in reverse engineering and machining of new parts.   Having our team machine new parts for repairs often saves time and money over ordering directly from the manufacturer. 


AC, DC and Elevator Motor Repair ServicesGeneral Repair Timeframes

Dynamic balancing

Laser alignment

Thermal imaging

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) System repairs

Bearing repair

Sleeving and metalizing bearing housings

  • Repair of bearing journals
  • Rebabbiting of sleeve bearings

AC Motor repairs

  • Motor Overhauls, including: cleaning, baking, bearing replacement, balancing of rotor, no load testing, and painting
  • Stator rewind from up to 13.8 volts
  • Stator restacking o Class F insulation systems standard, Class H insulation systems available upon request 
  • Inverter Duty Wire (ISR)
  • In House V.P.I. 
  • Machine work accomplished on site

DC Motor repairs

  • Motor Overhauls, including: cleaning, baking, bearing replacement, balancing of armature, turning and undercutting the commutator, no load testing and painting
  • Field and armature rewinds
  • Armature lamination replacement

Elevator Motor and MG repair

Leppert-Nutmeg is committed to making sure repairs are successful and we stand by our work:

  • 90 day warranty on overhauls
  • 1 year warranty on rewinds