Electric Motor Maintenance & Testing

Preventing failures and maximizing electric motor efficiency

Preventing problems is far easier than conducting full-blown motor repairs. That’s why Leppert-Nutmeg maintenance technicians are trained to inspect an array of AC and DC motors and identify the early warning signs of wear-and-tear that can easily escalate into major problems. A simple electric motor test like vibration monitoring can pinpoint a faulty bearing before it fails, preventing a chain reaction that could result in the failed bearing propelling the rotor to strike the winding, thus crippling the entire system indefinitely.

Electric Motor Maintenance and Repair

To stave off these types of disastrous problems, Leppert-Nutmeg offers a wide range of electric motor test and maintenance services that save time and money by:

  • Identifying problem areas
  • Determining the root-cause problem of failures
  • Reducing unscheduled downtime by predicting and averting imminent failures

Motor maintenance does more than just prevent major problems, it can also vastly improve the power and longevity of your motor. Using EASA’s Uprate computer program, Leppert-Nutmeg can increase your electric motor efficiency and HP by performing a simple stator rewind, stator core replacement or converting your motor’s winding from a random wind to a more efficient form wind.

Electric Motor Diagnostic Testing and Analysis

Keeping insulation systems in good condition can ward off an array of problems. Leppert-Nutmeg tests electric motor insulation systems in a variety of ways:

AC Motor TestingDC Motor TestingGeneral TestingSpecialized Testing Equipment

Stator Testing

Hipotronic Testing

  • Resistance/Megger
  • Polarization Index (PI)
  • High Potential (Hipot testing)
  • Current Leakage
  • DC Absorption

Rotor Testing

  • Single Phase Broken Rotor Bar
  • Growler Test
  • Core Loss/Hot Spot Testing with Infrared Thermal Imaging

Preventive maintenance: Catching problems early

Leppert-Nutmeg’s extensive set of preventive maintenance services ensures that all the key areas of your AC or DC motor are kept in solid working order, often fending off the need for major repairs due to part failure. Our electric motor maintenance services include:

  • Rotor repair and modification
  • Belt replacements
  • Physical, mechanical and electrical inspection
  • Lubrication system testing and verification
  • Test and replacement as necessary of motor accessories like bearing RTD’s, Space heaters, etc.
  • INPRO Seals installation to prevent contamination of grease and oil in the bearings
  • Grounding system installation for motors with bearing damage from stray/eddy currents

Predictive maintenance: Customized programs to keep your motor running

Just like with scheduled maintenance for cars, industrial electric motors benefit immensely from predictive maintenance plans customized by Leppert-Nutmeg. Depending on your motor inventory and workload, Leppert-Nutmeg will design a customized predictive maintenance that can include:
Thermal Imaging

  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Megger (resistance) readings (offline)
  • Polarization Index (offline) 
  • Eddy Current Testing (online)
  • DC High Potential Testing (offline)
  • Brush Inspection/Replacement (DC Motor or AC Synchronous Motors only)
  • Reporting

Leppert-Nutmeg is committed to finding ways to extend the longevity and efficiency of your electric motors.  Contact us today with questions and let our technicians consult with you on the best ways to keep your electric motors in top performance shape.