Industrial Electric Motor Sales

AC and DC Motors, 250 hp+

Large AC & DC motorsAt Leppert-Nutmeg, we know there are a multitude of factors to consider when looking into electric motors for sale.  That’s why our electric motor sales team works with you to identify the unit that will maximize the efficiency of your operation while minimizing costs. 

While our small electric motor sales department provides lower hp motors, Leppert-Nutmeg’s industrial electric motor division sells top-of-the line 250+ hp units from Baldor/Reliance, Weg, US Motors and Leeson electric motor suppliers among our many of providers.  Leppert-Nutmeg provides electric motors for industries from utility plants to paper mills to nuclear facilities and everything in between. 

Getting it right:  Large electric motor considerations
Leppert-Nutmeg’s tradition of great customer service is reflected in the way we approach large electric motor sales.  Whether you’ve already spec’d out your electric motor requirements and looking for a 3,000 hp unit or are just starting to look into system needs, Leppert-Nutmeg can help you every step of the way.  With decades of large electric motor sales experience, our team is the go-to resource for electric motor sales in New England and beyond. 

Our thorough evaluation of your operation ensures that you’ll select the right motor for the right application.  Too much horsepower means you’ll be wasting energy (and dollars), too little horsepower results in an engine that burns out quickly and requires more repairs (and dollars).  To make sure your motor will go the distance, we look at your current system requirements, but also factor in future usage scenarios for your AC or DC motor.  Leppert-Nutmeg also sells custom electric motors if standard motors aren’t a perfect fit. 

Placement, support and physical size are also key considerations.  The variations and benefits of AC and DC motors can greatly affect your selection.  While DC motors tend to have a better constant torque over a larger speed range, they can be bulkier.  AC motors take up less space for the same horsepower as a DC motor, but don’t have the same torque characteristics.  For pump applications we will look the entire system, including pump curves and flow requirements to determine the best possible situation.

Contact Leppert-Nutmeg today to schedule your electric motor sales consultation with our skilled technicians.  

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