Custom Electric Motor Design

Industrial Custom Electric MotorIndustrial electric motor design & manufacturing

When standard industrial electric motors don’t meet your specifications, Leppert-Nutmeg’s custom electric motor design team can build a motor to meet those demands.  Whether you’re looking for an electric motor replacement for a unit that’s no longer in production or need a special motor built to fit into a tight space, Leppert-Nutmeg has the experience to handle electric motor design and fabrication jobs of all types. 

Electric Motor Replacement
As facilities age and motor design standards change, many operations managers struggle to find replacement units that will fit into the limitations of an older facility and still meet modern production requirements.  At Leppert-Nutmeg, we build modern industrial electric motors in a number of ways:

  • Build electric motors based on original design, but with upgrades that handle modern day HP demands
  • Upgrade older units with contemporary capabilities
  • Utilize our network of suppliers to find surplus motors fulfill requirements
  • Order motors in specific voltages per the customer’s request

Electric Motor Design
Whether it’s for a replacement unit or a new industrial electric motor, Leppert-Nutmeg walks you through a thorough study of your system to determine the best design for your custom electric motor. 

  • Current system assessment, including a sight visit to determine custom dimension
  • System analysis to determine HP output for current and future HP requirements
  • Study maintenance and operation issues
  • Determine the necessary auxiliary equipment and any modifications or additions, including:  RTD’s or thermocouples, platinum or copper, space heater wattage, type of bearings (sleeve or anti-friction), bearing  RTD’s and/or vibration
  • Electric motor design review and approval
  • Testing prior to delivery

Additionally, our design teams assess life cycle costs, installation and removal, availability of spare parts and access for maintenance to give you a full understanding of how your custom-designed industrial electric motor will work for you. 

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