About Leppert-Nutmeg Inc.

Over 45 Years of Quality Service & Leadership

In 2008, Leppert-Nutmeg celebrated its 45th year in Bloomfield, CT.  In those early days, our building stood alone in a forgotten part of the Connecticut countryside. But even then we were targeting the growth industries, from the large manufacturers of the 1960’s to companies in burgeoning niche segments.  Times have changed since then, our hair has gotten shorter, our pants not so wide in the leg – and just as we’ve changed, so has Leppert-Nutmeg.  No longer isolated in a corner of Bloomfield, the world has come to us. 

New businesses, large and small, continue to pop up all around us and more than ever we are part of the new developments and welcome them.   While the decades have brought a myriad of changes, Leppert-Nutmeg’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible service for the lowest possible price remains constant. 

New management in 1990 brought dramatic changes that propelled Leppert-Nutmeg toward the new century.  The purchase of Leppert-Nutmeg by that same management in 2005, established the company as one of the most technologically advanced repair stations and enhanced our reputation as a company at the forefront of our customers’ technological and service-oriented needs.

Equipped for the Future

With the turn of the century, Leppert-Nutmeg expanded its services from electric motor sales and repair to wind and hydroelectric generator repair services.  Our unyielding commitment to top-notch service transferred over to our generator repair services, creating great in-roads for Leppert-Nutmeg with the hydroelectric generation industry in New England and across the U.S. 

2008 brought more changes with the completion of our new extension with higher ceilings and larger crane capacity, allowing us to now handle some of the largest motors and generators in the Northeast. We continue to invest in the latest equipment, technology and training to provide our customer the very best in electric motor and generator repair services.  We proudly stand by our warranty on all rewound equipment and meet our customers’ requirements with fast, efficient service and fair pricing. 

While Leppert-Nutmeg may have started in a countryside field, our reach has expanded far beyond central Connecticut.  Our blend of technological advances with sound fundamentals makes Leppert-Nutmeg one of the most trusted names in electric motor and generator services. 

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